Modern – A Luxury Firepit



  • Strength: Built from ultra high strength 14,000 PSI Glass Fiber Reinforced Waterproof Concrete. Then finished with a clear sealing system that will protect in the harsh outdoor environment.
  • Quality: Each piece is hand made in our St. George Utah USA studio, this allows us to maintain the highest level of quality control on each piece we produce.
  • Concrete Color: The color on each piece is integrally mixed throughout the concrete not topically applied. Please feel free to select from our 3 standard colors as shown in pictures. (a wide pallet of custom colors are available for additional charge. Please call for custom color pricing)
  • Fire Ring Burner: High quality Stainless steel
  • Fire Control System: 
    • Standard: Manual key valve (Please specify either - Polished Stainless Steel or Polished Brass color) hand lite by match or lighter (not provided)
    • Flame proof electronic ignition control - call for pricing (usually around $800 to $1,200 add pending on size of burner)  
  • Firepit Overall Sizes:
    • Medium: 30" W x 48" L x 21" tall 
    • Large: 30" W x 60" L x 21" tall (shown in picture)
    • X-Large: 30" W x 72" L x 21" tall
    • XX-Large: 30" W x 84" L x 21" tall
    • XXX-Large: 30" W x 96" L x 21" tall
  • Gas Type:
    • Natural (ready to plumb) 
    • Propane - Includes: Tank, tank drawer & connections
  • Base Type: 

    • Rubber friction pad to protect flooring surface and table from abrasion. 

This highly durable natural gas or propane firepit is not only elegant & bold in design, but is build to last the test of time.  Each piece is handmade by us in our St George Utah Studio. High quality ultra high strength polished concrete.  We use high quality stainless steel burners and hardware.  If you choose the propane option we include a standard propane tank and vented tank drawer to make tank changing easy and clean. 

Our exterior & in-pool furnishings are designed to be extremely durable in high UV climates & to withstand extreme weather events. Many luxury designers are using our furnishings on luxury ocean front & desert properties & other areas that are susceptible to high levels of sun & storm conditions.

Please note: Due to the fact that each piece is handmade there will be slight variations in color, texture, size & weight. We manufacture these tables out of a high strength concrete that is engineered specifically for the in-pool, extreme exterior, and interior environments.

If you are looking for highly durable custom luxury furnishings for your in-pool, exterior or interior spaces please feel free to reach out.


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