Even though each product has been engineered to last 15+ years we offer a 3 year structural warranty on all products. Structural warranty does not cover surface blemishes, staining, etching, minor surface cracking or abuse (abuse examples are: jumping off furniture, dropping, jumping on, overloading, etc, use for any other purpose than what the furniture was originally intended for.

Due to the fact that each piece is hand made there will be slight variations in color, texture size & weight and these are normal.

Slight spider cracking or crazing can happen from time to time and is considered normal. 

We manufacture these tables out of a high strength and a highly modified version of pool plaster concrete. This concrete is engineered for the in-pool environment, but in rare cases & due to the vast selection of different pool chemicals and pool water environments there could develop some slight discoloring, minor surface cracks and surface etching. If staining or etching occurs, often the situation can be corrected simply by changing a simple pool chemical or other factor. If this happens please feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions. 

Stainless steel can rust and we do not cover any rusting or corrosion of stainless steel. Please refer to our care and maintenance page for maintenance of stainless steel portions of your furniture. 

Any items that are deemed to warrantable items we will cover the cost to repair or replace the chair. All products will need to be shipped back to Studio Redrock's Studio in St George Utah for inspection. Any crate or freight costs that are required to ship the items to Studio Redrock for inspection or from Studio Redrock back to client will be the sole responsibility of the client. Studio Redrock will not pay for shipping or crate costs of warranty replacement items. 

If you have any questions about this policy please call and we will be happy to discuss with you.